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Cypress Semiconductor Corporation specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Established in 1982, the firm operated as an independent company until its acquisition by Infineon Technologies in 2020. Premerger, the chipmaker maintained a headquarters in San Jose, California, and facilities throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. The manufacturer gears its lineup toward the automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, healthcare, and utility sectors. Its portfolio includes sensors, microcontroller units (MCU’s), universal serial bus (USB) components, touchscreen controllers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products, programmable system-on-a-chips (PSoCs), power management ICs, memory chips, timing solutions, and human-machine interfaces. Cypress came into existence after a group of former Advanced Micro Devices employees decided to form a semiconductor startup. Within four years, the company went public and became one of the world’s leading electronic components manufacturers inside a decade. Its rapid ascent was a byproduct of its culture, which prioritizes ingenuity, expediency, resiliency, and fearlessness. The corporation found success because it understood that the world is full of problems, but the solutions are always within reach. As a subsidiary of Infineon, Cypress’ core values still drive its research and development efforts. One of its most impressive recent innovations is its PSoC 6 MCU platform. The offering combines Arm Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0+ architectures to provide design teams with a powerful but flexible Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Firms that utilize PSoC 6 silicon, development kits, and software can fabricate new devices in a trusted execution environment. That means engineers can use the platform to make products secure with industrial-grade symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms. In addition, the platform’s proprietary 40nm technology allows the creation of components with 15 µA/MHz power consumption. When manufacturers need legitimately cutting-edge IoT materials, Cypress is the vendor they should seek out.

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