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Founded in 1896, CTS Corporation has succeeded across three centuries because it strives to operate at the forefront of technology. The corporation is a world-renowned developer and producer of actuator products, connectivity components, and sensors. The company has central offices in Lisle, Illinois, employs more than 3,500 workers, and manages factories in Asia, Europe, and North America. CTS Corporation primarily serves OEMs in the aerospace, industrial, defense, communications, medical, information technology, and transportation markets. The firm’s movement device portfolio features rotary actuators, valves, and various thermal products. In terms of sensors, the company specializes in piezoelectric products, switches, and transducers. Also, the manufacturer’s connectivity offerings encompass frequency control products, specialty capacitors and resistors, and EMI/RF/RFI filters. The organization weathered many technological upheavals since launching in the 19th century by being amenable to change. CTS Corporation’s 124-year devotion to modernization has led it to develop a host of innovative products. Lately, the company unveiled a new line of automotive-grade crystal resonators. The manufacturer intended the line to serve as a cross-industry solution, so they have a robust temperature range of -55° to 125°. Therefore, the clock oscillators are suitable for deployment in IIoT networks, telecommunications gear, and medical diagnostic equipment. In addition, the component producer seeks out partnerships to find groundbreaking new applications for its portfolio. They teamed with ASUS to outfit its ROG Phone II gaming handset with world-class piezoelectric sensors. Subsequently, the electronics company’s mobile device, with its highly intuitive virtual buttons, became a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. Likewise, the firm’s Series 292 Optical Ring Encoder represents a significant leap forward in the field. With it, OEMs can produce ventilators, video editing equipment, and vehicle infotainment controls that offer lower equipment downtime and reduced maintenance costs. Since it holds chasing technological advancement while providing excellent client service and value as its imperatives, CTS Corporation will continue to grow throughout the 21st century.

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