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Established in 1960, Crydom, Inc., a subsidiary of Sensata Technology Holding NV, is a global leading developer of solid state relays (SSRs). The firm conducts its operations for its headquarters in Anaheim, California, and maintains manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia. Crydom’s target-markets include the construction, medical, energy and infrastructure, food service, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. The company’s lineup features panel mount, plug-in, printed circuit board, DIN rail, and CZT SSRs. The firm also offers power modules, control relays, AC filters, SSR timers, DIN relay brackets, terminal lugs, DRS and ED Series sockets, protective covers, thermal pads, and SSR heat sink assemblies. In the early 1970s, Crydom made history by developing the world’s first SSR. Soon after its release, the component became a huge success because of its sophistication compared to competing products. Within a few years, the SSR’s panel mount package became industry-standard. Following that breakthrough, the company broke further ground by finding new applications for its technology in other fields. Because of its drive for innovation, Crydom’s catalog has come to include SSRs and SSR support equipment suitable for utilization in many industries. As a part of the Sensata, it has redoubled its efforts to improve and expand its knowledge base and expertise. The firm recently expanded its Nova22 portfolio with the PMP Series Proportional Control SSRs. The product family is highly configurable, enabling users to set up its operation mode and control input. It boasts an operational voltage range of 280VAC, 530VAC, and 600VAC voltage ranges and is rated for 90A at 40°C. The line also features a robust supply voltage range of 8VDC to 30VDC to maximize its usefulness. The PMP Series is ideal for inclusion in cutting-edge lighting and temperature control projects because of its versatility. Crydom will continue leading the industry with the development of new and more effective SSR solutions.